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Richard Hall, recently stated the true purpose behind the creation of the word "noid".

It was an academic project for my junior year Social Psychology research paper, whose thesis and hypothesis was that "Repetitive 'media' exposure of a nonsense syllable used in a trendy, stylized manner on radio and television can lead to the creation of new words into the English language"!!

He further noted that: a follow up survey, distributed randomly to the general public on the streets of NYC, White Plains, NY, and campus students throughout Westchester, gathered information about his or her knowledge and familiarity of the word "noid". This information was subsequently collected, translated into data and statistically treated, analyzed and presented in my paper at semester's end.

This was the true practical purpose, and inspirational substance & creative motivation behind the ultimate creation and introduction of the word "nerd" derived from "noid".

This Full Story, is now clearly documented here on the world-wide-web.
This will insure "noid's noble heritage and credibility, state and promote the truth and historical fact--and, at the same, time ward off impostors who attempt to steal credit for our creative genius, and distort the history of an incredible series of events which made such a provocative yet powerful impact on the American culture, and the English language!

Check back soon as the noid --Laugh-In connection is revealed, right here on this website! This connection ultimately, as we all know, gave birth to "nerd" now a household word.


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