"Noid is Sweeping the Nation"

This was the cry heard loud and clear during the 1970's.
noid began in the late 1960's when Richard and I,
Tom, held up a NOID sign on the
Merv Griffin Show, just to get on TV.
Actually we first held up a "Lloyd" sign,
but since Lloyd was already a word
it did not create the excitement we desired,
back to the drawing board, for a new word and......

noid was born!

Noid then showed up on the at the Nationally Syndicated "Alan Burke TV Show" when some students from Westchester College presented Mr. Burke with the first (and only) "Noid Award". Again this was just another way to get on TV.

Shortly after this Mr. Hall and I would show up on any and all TV shows being taped in New York with our noid signs. Noid was developing a life of it's own! Game shows like "Eye Guess" "Concentration" "Pay Cards" and "He Said, She Said" saw the noid signs during the audience pan.

College Bowl even had a noid sign in Greek appear at the end of the show. The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson Show and Dick Cavett Show had there share of noid signs. Noid only appeared twice on Ed Sullivan due to the wait for tickets and excellent security. NBC with a less secure entry (1970's) soon found signs for noid on the bulletin board on the set of "The Doctors" a daytime soap opera. The sign remained there for over 2 years! A noid book title ("The Noid Parrot") was placed on the set of the daytime David Letterman Show, where it it was in plain view, just behind Dave's desk. Just about any TV show broadcast from NY had a visit from the noid sign.

Noid found its way on radio telephone talk shows on WNBC radio in New York plus NBC national talk shows as well. Callers would ask timely questions and include Noid in the question or follow-up question. Only the local 7pm news-of-the-day program questioned and objected to the word, since they would hear it dozens of times a week. Long John Nebel and his national show was also "noided" but he played along as did Dr. Joyce Brothers and her radio show and Jim Garhart, on his national comedy/talk show.

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