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Welcome to the Official Noid Webpage

Here is your chance to find out the truth behind the origin of "noid", and how noid started over 30 years ago!  Maybe you saw the "Noid" guest appearance on "The Simpson's" or you were watching an old game show and saw our 'NOID" sign. Whatever the reason, come and sit back and learn the story of noid.

noid started....

A) As a children's rock band in Toronto. (1953)

B) As a way for NY college kids to get on TV. (1968)

C) As an advertising/video game hero/villain. (1982)

D) As a Social Psychology research paper. (1970)

If you did not pick "B" then enter and find the truth about noid. 

Oh, if you picked "D" you could also be right?! Click and find what really happened.

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