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Noid could also be seen on news programs as a noid microphone logo was placed with other TV mikes at major news events. These four pictures where taken at an anti-war event in October 1969 in New York City. Pictured are Tony Randall and Mary (of Peter Paul and Mary), Senator McCarthy and NYC Mayor John Lindsay. National newscasts that evening broadcast brought pictures of noid throughout the nation, as well as 3 New York Stations which carried the entire protest live.

Another example of the NOID mike is shown here with it appearing nationwide in this AP photo of the Judge in the "Scarsdale Diet Doctor Murder Case" just after the verdict was reached.

There is more noid to come, watch for more photo's of the noid sign. You can help out and display a noid sign at a tv event, a noid sign was seen recently at a WWE wrestling show as well as on MTV. Be sure to send me a copy of the event so I can include it here. A Baltimore Radio station had visits from a Mr. Noid and of course the Pizza Noid is alive and will thanks to repeated appearances on "The Simpsons".


Mr. Hall recently reminded me of the "real" purpose of noid..
Read what Mr. Hall had to say!

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