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Village Meetings

Local Programs and Events



Weekday Program Guide


          2:00 AM               1/10 Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting 

          9:00 AM               1/10 Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting

        12:00 PM                   1/18 Tuckahoe Planning Board Meeting

          3:00 PM                   Library's Covid 19 Vaccine for Children Online Information Session

          7:00 PM               1/10 Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting

            9:00 PM               1/18Tuckahoe Planning Board Meeting






Weekend Program Guide


          2:00 AM               12/6 Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting 

          9:00 AM               12/6 Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting

        12:00 PM               12/7 Westchester County Board Meeting

          4:00 PM                Winterfest Celebration 2021

          6:00 PM               CMS & You - Open Enrollment

          7:00 PM               1/10 Tuckahoe Village Board Meeting

            9:00 PM               12/21 Tuckahoe Planning Board Meeting














Schedule subject to change, please check the channel for programming updates

Watch for local community and Village announcements between programs. Email announcements here.



All regular Village Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board Regular Meetings are carried live on the Tuckahoe Government Access Channel.


Links to local video websites:

Bronxville Government Access   Eastchester Government Access   Westchester County Board of Legislators  Eastchester Board of Fire Commissioners    

Tuckahoe Public Library Channel



Tuckahoe Village Meetings




12/21 Planning Board Meeting                       1/10 Village Board Meeting






12/21 Planning Board Meeting           12/8 Zoning Board Meeting               12/6 Village Board Meeting  

11/16 Planning Board Meeting           11/10 Zoning Board Meeting             11/8 Village Board Meeting

10/19 Planning Board Meeting           10/13 Zoning Board Meeting             10/4 Village Board Meeting

9/13 Village Board Meeting          9/1 Zoning Board Meeting

8/31 Special Village Board Meeting  

7/20 Planning Board Meeting 7/14 Zoning Board Meeting               7/12 Village Board Meeting

6/15 Planning Board Meeting 6/9 Zoning Board Meeting                 6/7 Village Board Meeting

5/18 Planning Board Meeting 5/12 Zoning Board Meeting               5/10 Village Board Meeting

4/26 Village Board Meeting               4/20 Planning Board Meeting             4/12 Village Board Meeting               4/5 Reorganization Meeting

3/16 Planning Board Meeting 3/10 Zoning Board Meeting               3/8 Village Board Meeting

2/10 Zoning Board Meeting               2/8 Village Board Meeting                            

1/13  Zoning Board Meeting              1/11 Village Board Meeting







12/9 Zoning Board Meeting                           12/7 Village Board Meeting                           12/3 Police Reform Meeting

11/17 Planning Board Meeting                       11/9 Village Board Meeting                           11/4 Zoning Board Meeting                       11/12 Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative Meeting

10/20 Planning Board Meeting                       10/14 Zoning Board Meeting                         10/7 Village Board Meeting

9/15 Planning Board Meeting                         9/14 Village Board Meeting                           9/9 Zoning Board Meeting

7/13 Village Board Meeting                           7/8 Zoning Board Meeting

6/16 Planning Board Meeting                         6/10 Zoning Board Meeting                           6/8 Village Board Meeting                       

5/19 Planning Board Meeting                         5/13 Zoning Board Meeting                           5/11 Village Board Meeting

4/27 Special/Budget Meeting                         4/13 Village Board Meeting

3/11 Zoning Board Meeting                           3/9 Village Board Meeting                

2/10 Village Board Meeting

1/21 Planning Board Meeting                         1/13 Village Board Meeting                           1/8 Zoning Board Meeting           





12/17 Planning Board Meeting                       12/11 Zoning Board Meeting                         12/9 Board of Trustees Meeting

11/19 Planning Board Meeting                       11/18 Village Board Meeting                         11/14 Zoning Board Meeting

10/15 Planning Board Meeting                       10/9 Zoning Board Meeting                           10/7 Village Board Meeting

9/17 Planning Board Meeting                         9/11 Zoning Board Meeting                           9/9 Village Board Meeting                                                                                   

7/15 Village Board Meeting                           7/10 Zoning Board Meeting

6/12 Planning Board Meeting                         6/10 Village Board Meeting

5/8 Zoning Board Meeting                             5/6 Village Board Meeting

4/29 Budget Adoption Meeting                     4/10 Zoning Board Meeting                           4/8 Village Board Meeting                                    4/1 Reorganization Meeting

3/19 Planning Board Meeting                         3/13 Zoning Board Meeting                           3/11 Village Board Meeting

2/13 Zoning Board Meeting                           2/11 Village Board Meeting

1/9 Zoning Board Meeting                             1/7 Village Board Meeting




12/10 Village Board Meeting                         12/12 Zoning Board Meeting

11/7 Village Board Meeting                           11/14 Zoning Board Meeting                                                

10/10 Zoning Board Meeting                         10/15 Village Board Meeting                                                                                                                                                

9/12 Zoning Board Meeting                           9/17 Village Board Meeting               9/19 Planning Board Meeting                        

7/11 Zoning Board Meeting                           7/16 Village Board Meeting                                      

6/11 Village Board Meeting                           6/13 Zoning Board Meeting               6/19 Planning Board Meeting                                                                                                

5/7 Village Board Meeting                             5/9 Zoning Board Meeting                 5/16 Planning Board Meeting                                                                                                                                                

4/2 Reorganization Meeting                            4/9 Village Board Meeting                 4/11 Zoning Board Meeting               4/17 Planning Board Meeting             4/23 Special Village Board Meeting              

3/5 Village Board Meeting                             3/14 Zoning Board Meeting               3/20 Planning Board Meeting

2/5 Village Board Meeting                             2/14 Zoning Board Meeting               2/21 Planning Board Meeting

1/8 Village Board Meeting                             1/10 Zoning Board Meeting                1/16 Planning Board Meeting





12/19 Planning Board Meeting                       12/13 Zoning Board Meeting             12/11 Village Board Meeting

11/6 Village Board Meeting

10/16 Village Board Meeting                        10/11 Zoning Board Meeting                                                

9/19 Planning Board Meeting                         9/18 Village Board Meeting

7/12 Zoning Board Meeting                           7/10 Village Board Meeting

6/20 Planning Board Meeting                         6/14 Zoning Board Meeting               6/5 Village Board Meeting

5/10 Zoning Board Meeting                           5/8 Village Board Meeting    

4/24 Special Budget Adoption Meeting         4/10 Village Board Meeting               4/3 Reorganization Meeting

3/6 Village Board Meeting

2/22 Planning Board Meeting                         2/8 Zoning Board Meeting                 2/6 Village Board Meeting

1/27 Village Board Meeting                           1/11 Zoning Board Meeting




12/14 Zoning Board Meeting             12/12 Village Board Meeting

11/9 Zoning Board Meeting               11/7 Village Board Meeting

10/13 Zoning Board Meeting             10/19 Planning Board Meeting           10/24 Village Board Meeting

9/19 Village Board Meeting               9/15 Planning Board Meeting             9/14 Zoning Board Meeting

8/8 Village Board Meeting

7/19 Planning Board Meeting             7/13 Zoning Board Meeting               7/11 Village Board Meeting

6/8 Zoning Board Meeting                 6/6 Village Board Meeting

5/9 Village Board Meeting               5/11 Zoning Board Meeting          5/17 Planning Board Meeting                                                                                                        

4/4 Reorganization Meeting                4/11 Trustees Meeting/Budget Hearing   4/13 Zoning   4/14 Quarry Landfill Public Meeting  4/19 Planning  4/25 Budget Adoption

3/7 Village Board Meeting                 3/15 Planning Board Meeting                                                                                      

2/8 Village Board Meeting                 2/10 Zoning Board Meeting               2/23 Planning Board Meeting    

1/19 Planning Board Meeting             1/11 Village Board Meeting  





12/14 Village Board Meeting              

11/17 Planning Board Meeting             11/9 Village Board Meeting                 11/4 Zoning Board Meeting

10/20 Planning Board Meeting             10/14 Zoning Board Meeting               10/5 Village Board Meeting

9/21 Village Board Meeting                 9/9 Zoning Board Meeting                   9/15 Planning Board Meeting              

8/10 Village Board Meeting

7/21 Planning Board Meeting               7/13 Village Board Meeting                 7/8 Zoning Board Meeting

6/10 Special Zoning Board Meeting     6/8 Village Board Meeting                   6/3 Zoning Board Meeting

5/21 Special Village Board Meeting     5/19 Planning Board Meeting               5/13 Zoning Board Meeting                 5/11 Village Board Meeting

4/27 Special Budget Meeting               4/21 Planning Board Meeting               4/13 Village Board Meeting                 4/8/ Zoning Board Meeting             4/6 Reorganization Meeting

3/17 Planning Board Meeting               3/11 Zoning Board Meeting                 3/9 Village Board Meeting

2/9 Village Board Meeting                   2/4 Zoning Board Meeting

1/20 Planning Board Meeting               1/12 Village Board Meeting                




12/16 Planning Board Meeting             12/10 Zoning Board Meeting               12/8 Village Board Meeting

11/18 Planning Board Meeting             11/12 Zoning Board Meeting               11/10 Village Board Meeting

10/21 Planning Board Meeting             10/8 Zoning Board Meeting                 10/6 Village Board Meeting

9/16 Planning Board Meeting               9/15 Village Board Meeting                 9/10 Zoning Board Meeting

8/18 Village Board Meeting                 8/6 Zoning Board Meeting

7/14 Village Board Meeting

6/17 Planning Board Meeting               6/9 Village Board Meeting

5/20 Planning Board Meeting               5/12 Village Board Meeting

4/29 Special Budget Adoption             4/23 Planning Board Meeting               4/14 Village Board Meeting                 4/9 Zoning Board Meeting             4/7 Reorganization Meeting

3/10 Village Board Meeting

2/10 Village Board Meeting

1/13 Village Board Meeting   




12/9 Village Board Meeting 

11/18 Village Board Meeting               11/6 Special Board Meeting

10/7 Village Board Meeting

9/9 Village Board Meeting   

8/19 Village Board Meeting

6/10 Village Board Meeting

4/29 Special Budget Meeting               4/8 Village Board Meeting                   4/1 Reorganization Meeting

1/14 Village Board Meeting





10/24 Village Board Meeting               10/18 Planning Board Meeting

8/11 Village Board Meeting

4/25 Budget Adoption Meeting







10/16 Housing Authority Meeting

9/15 Housing Authority Meeting





The following Tuckahoe Government Access programs can also be viewed online:







Winterfest Celebration

Annual DPW Open House

Senior Citizens Council 50 Years Young

Tuckahoe Challenge 1 mile & 5K races

Tuckahoe Field Day & Picnic

Mayor White's Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

Thank You, Alice White

Tuckahoe Police Department Awards Ceremony

Tuckahoe Police Remembrance Ceremony

COVID Solutions II: A Virtual Community Meeting

Tuckahoe Police Department - "Make a Difference"

Library's Soulful Reflections

Library's Chinese New Year Storytime

Library's COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion with Renee Howell, PhD

Library's Cooking Class - Pastelillos -  with Mayor Omayra Andino

Library's Estate Planning / Elder Law 101 with Steven A. Schurkman





Menorah Lighting in Depot Square  

Tuckahoe Library's Holiday Stories and Songs

Tuckahoe Library's Books and Tea - Charles Dickens ~ A Christmas Carol

Tuckahoe Library's: Sweet Potato Casserole, Cooking Lesson

Tuckahoe Library's "Understanding Diabetes"

Library's Storytime - The Color Monster

Library's Virtual Book Discussion - White Fragility by Robin Diangelo  part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

COVID-19 Testing Discussion with Trustee Dr. Renee Howell

Library's Local Women Leading the Way: The Women's Suffrage Movement

Community Meeting discussing COVID Solutions

Library's West Side Stories with Martin Schneit

Library's Fred Astaire: An American Icon with Marty Schneit

Library's Children Summer Reading Game Kick-off with Jason Reilly and Animals

Library's  Stress and Insomnia: Breaking the Cycle with Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik

Local Women Leading the Way: The Women's Suffrage Movement - Library & East. Historical Society Event

COVID-19 Testing Discussion with Trustee Dr. Renee Howell

Memorial Day Tribute

Dr. Kaushik's Tuckahoe Library online Health Lecture on COVID-19

Tuckahoe Library's: Taking Care of Beezness: Silent Spring - with Miss Erin

Planning for the 2020 Census with  Norma Drummond

Pasquale's Deli ~ Ribbon Cutting

Shiloh Baptist Church Brotherhood Breakfast

35th Annual E.C.A.P. Martin L. King, Jr. Breakfast

Sustainable Westchester Meeting

Rise and Grind Ribbon Cutting




Menorah Lighting in Depot Square

DPW Open House

Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Tuckahoe Senior Center Bazaar

Tuckahoe Cheerleaders Parade and Ceremony

Tuckahoe Challenge Road Race

Library's Stuffed Animal Sleepover: To the Moon and Beyond

Tuckahoe Summertime Fireworks

Police Community Youth Safety Day

Library’s Honor Your Words Workshop - Author Marge Pellegino

Re/Max Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Police Remembrance Ceremony

Police Awards Ceremony

Tuckahoe Library’s Japanese Children’s Day

Station Park – Ribbon Cutting

New Business in Tuckahoe ~ Rio Bravo, Tacos and Tequila

Crestwood Shoe Repair – 40 Years in Tuckahoe

Shiloh Baptist Church Brotherhood Breakfast

Yogilife - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

ECAP’s Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

Orangetheory Fitness - Ribbon Cutting





Troop 353 Eastchester, Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Menorah Lighting in Depot Square

Tuckahoe Winterfest – Sunday

Tuckahoe Winterfest - Saturday

Veterans Day Ceremony

Chief Henry Norman Memorial Plaque Unveiling

D.P.W. Open House

Senior Center Bazaar

Tuckahoe Station Café Ribbon Cutting

Railroad Pedestrian Overpass Bridge Removal

Koala Park Day Care 5 Year Ribbon Cutting

Tuckahoe Columbus Day Freestyle Concert

Tuckahoe Columbus Day Festival - Saturday

Tuckahoe Columbus Day Festival - Friday

Tuckahoe Summertime Fireworks

Meet the Mayors hosted by Tom Doherty – 2018 edition

Tuckahoe Police Awards Ceremony

Police Remembrance Celebration

Bronx River Earth Day Celebration

Friends of the Tuckahoe Library’s “The History of Tuckahoe Marble” with Philip White

33rd Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast  

Oldest Eagle Scout Ever Awarded - Eugene Cerniglia





Menorah Lighting in Depot Square

Winterfest - Sunday featuring J. Antonette

Winterfest – Saturday featuring Jackie DiMaggio

Tuckahoe DPW Open House

Veterans Day Celebration (slide show)

lil chameleon Ribbon Cutting

10/11 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #13

Senior Citizens Bazaar

Café E 4:2 Ribbon Cutting

St Pio Festival – Sunday – Don Felice & his Band, Gianni and The Giglio Band

St. Pio Festival- Saturday Afternoon - Carozza Band

Tuckahoe Music Festival

St. Pio Festival – Friday events

Gold Star Mother’s Celebration

Metro Dental – Ribbon Cutting

41st Tuckahoe Challenge Road Race

Tuckahoe Summertime Fireworks 2017

Meet the Mayor - Mayor Steve Ecklond visits with the Tuckahoe Seniors, discussion on Hotel Construction Site and other Village issues

Lola New York – Ribbon-Cutting in Tuckahoe

6/28 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #12

5/24 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #11

Tuckahoe Police Awards Ceremony

Tuckahoe Police Remembrance Ceremony

4/26 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #10

3/29 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #9

3/8 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #8

Shiloh Baptist Church Brotherhood Breakfast     

2/22 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #7

2/8 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #6

The Chocolate Box – Ribbon Cutting

1/25 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #5

Troop 353 Eagle Scout Court of Honor 1/7/17

1/11 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #4





Winterfest – THS Jazz Band Concert

Winterfest - Saturday

Winterfest - Sunday

12/14  NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #3  

11/30  NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #2

11/19 NYSDEC Marbledale Road Environmental Brownfield Remediation Meeting #1

Tuckahoe Senior Citizens Bazaar

St. Pio Festival – Sunday – Italian Music

St. Pio Festival – Saturday – The Tony S. Band

Tuckahoe Music Festival – Expose’ & Taylor Dayne

St. Pio Festival - Friday

Tuckahoe Challenge Road Race

Tuckahoe Summertime Fireworks 2016

12th Annual Tuckahoe Police Community Day

Tuckahoe/Eastchester Lions 91st Dinner Dance

Ashley Lauren Beauty Lounge ~ Ribbon Cutting

Tuckahoe Library’s Japanese Children’s Day

Tuckahoe Police Remembrance Ceremony

Tuckahoe Police Awards Ceremony

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Shiloh Baptist Church Brotherhood Breakfast

"How to Make Your Money Last” with Author Jane Bryant Quinn

ECAP’s 31st Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast



Light Up the Night ~ Menorah Lighting 2015          

Tuckahoe Business Showcase - Subway/Pinot's Palette/Milika

Tuckahoe Seniors Holiday Luncheon 2015

Winterfest 2015 - Sunday events

Winterfest 2015 – Saturday events

Eagle Scout Court of Honor – Michael Ibarra

Installation of Pastor Fr. Sorgie

Tuckahoe Senior Center Bazaar 2015

Gold Star Mothers Memorial Ceremony 2015

Pio Feast and Music Festival – Sunday 2015 – Tony S Band, Jackie DiMaggio and Christopher Macchio  

Tuckahoe Music Festival 2015  featuring Sammi Sanchez, Zach Matari & Karmin 

Saturday Pio Feast/Music Festival 2015 - Carozza Bros. & Anthony Gjelaj

Pio Feast/Music Festival – Friday Night events 10/25/15 Don Felice Band & Francesca Cavalieri             

Café 72 ~ 4 Year Anniversary

39th Tuckahoe Challenge Road Race

Tuckahoe Fireworks 2015

Tuckahoe Police 12th Annual Community Day

“Miracles of the Mind” Tuckahoe Library 2015 Adult Reading Game Opening Night Event

Tuckahoe Library 2015 Kids Reading Game Kickoff featuring Magic Bob

Tuckahoe Senior Center 45th Anniversary Gala Luncheon

Eastchester Troop 353 Eagle Scout Court of Honor 5/30/15

35th Annual Tuckahoe Library Poetry Awards

Tuckahoe Library’s Japanese Tea Ceremony May 2015

Tuckahoe Police Open House/Police Station Tour

Tuckahoe Police Remembrance Ceremony – 2015

Tuckahoe Police Award Ceremony – 2015

Tuckahoe’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt - 2015

Tuckahoe Library’s Memoir Gathering – 2015

St. Patrick’s Day Parade - 2015

Hertz Ribbon Cutting Event – March 12, 2015

Boy Scout Troop 353 “Eagle Scout Court of Honor” – February 28, 2015

Shiloh Baptist Church Men’s Ministry Brotherhood Breakfast – February 28, 2015

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast – 1/19/15

"Simulate Language Development through Literature!" with Hillary Peters – Library Baby Story Time event




New Year’s Eve in Tuckahoe 2014

Menorah Lighting in Deport Square – 12/21/14

Home Ice Advantage – Tuckahoe’s First Ice Skating Rink – Ribbon Cutting

Tuckahoe Senior’s Holiday Sing-A-Long ~ 2014

Christmas Handbell Concert at Senior Center 2014

Tuckahoe Winterfest 2014

MMC Professional Salon Opening

Veterans Day Ceremony 2014

Nicky's Corner Deli & Caterers 30th Anniversary

Dr. Penny’s Dentist Office visits the Library’s Story time

St. Pio Festival 2014 – Sunday events

St. Pio Festival 2014 – WKTU Concert

St. Pio Festival 2014 – Saturday Afternoon featuring Tre Bella

St. Pio Festival 2014 – Friday evening events

Tuckahoe Challenge Road Race 2014

Swirl N’ Joy Event

Mayor’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Tuckahoe Summertime Fireworks 2014                                       

The New Westchester Symphony Orchestra – Tuckahoe Library performance – June 2014

2014 Memorial Day Parade

Groundbreaking for 150 Main Street, Tuckahoe

23rd Annual Communal Holocaust Commemoration

The Hendry School of Irish Dance – Eastchester 350 Tuckahoe Library Show

“Treating Joint Pain & Arthritis” – Lawrence Hospital talk at the Tuckahoe Senior Center

Intrigue of the Village Green-Politics in Colonial America – A Tuckahoe Senior Center Talk

Adult Memoir Gathering 2014

Tuck’d Away Bar and Grill – ribbon cutting ceremony

2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast

Tuckahoe Library’s “Sing-A-Long” with Miss Elaine (1/11/14)




Tuckahoe Winterfest 2013 - Sunday

Tuckahoe Winterfest 2013 – Saturday          

Sharp Again Naturally - Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer's aand Dementia - A Tuckahoe Senior Center Event

2013 Tuckahoe Challenge Road Race

Spotlight on the Tuckahoe-Eastchester Lions Club - Guest Renee Levesque           

The Women of WW II - Rosie the Riveter and Her Sisters with Trish Chambers

Broken Bow Brewery Ribbon Cutting and Tour

Gold Star Mothers Bridge Dedication 2013

Groom Spot Ribbon Cutting




The Last Empress" Author DA CHEN Tuckahoe Library Talk  

"All About Our Flag" Senior Center Presentation by Sheila Marcotte  




New Year’s Eve in Tuckahoe -2012 ~ featuring: T-Bone

Crestwood Station Holidayfest - Oldest Established Band & Sal Natele (Sax)

Tuckahoe Winterfest - Sunday - Spruce Street Band, Gene DiNapoli, Sandra Benedett

Tuckahoe Winterfest – Saturday – featuring Taihisha, Clayton and Lisa

Tuckahoe Senior Citizens Bazaar & Raffle

New Businesses in Tuckahoe - Growlers, Paws & Play & T-Moble

All About E.C.A.P. with Charlene Lambrecht

Don't Be Fooled by the Latest Scams - Sgt. John Cuccinello

Tuckahoe Columbus Day/St. Pio Italian Music Festival ~ Sunday – featuring The Don Felice Band

Project Mapping Light Show & Grucci Fireworks in Tuckahoe

Tuckahoe St. Pio Light Show/Fireworks & Disco Festival featuring France Joli & Tavares

Tuckahoe Columbus Day/St. Pio Italian Music Festival – Saturday afternoon

Tuckahoe Columbus Day/St. Pio Festival-Friday- Featuring Voices

Tuckahoe Challenge Road race

Tuckahoe Safe Riders Day & Cops for Kids Kickball

"How Italian Food Conquered the World" Library talk with Author John Mariani

2011 Summertime Fireworks Extravaganza with Father Nelson & "The Backsliders"   

The Older and Wiser Driver” with Anna Wyganowska  

Basic Flower Arranging in the Japanese Style” with Mi Kim  

Tuckahoe Police Night Out Against Crime

“Novel Destinations” Adult Summer Reading Game Kickoff Concert with Glen Roethel

"Global Rhythms" with Roberta Halpern – Children’s Summer Reading Kickoff event

Tuckahoe Gold Star Mothers Memorial Ceremony

Tuckahoe Library Poetry Award Winners Celebration

Tuckahoe Senior Center - Billee T. & Marcia Pharr-Thomas Performance

Tuckahoe Senior Center Memorial Day Celebration with the Bruce McNichols Duo

Crestwood Station Street Fair

Tuckahoe Police Memorial Ceremony

Tuckahoe Arbor Day Celebration

Japanese Culture Children's Day Festival

Tuckahoe Easter Egg Hunts

A License to Walk - Podiatrist Barbara Zarod

26th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast




Crestwood Holidayfest ~ The Oldest Established & Falsetto

The Song Pipers Holiday Show at the Senior Center

New Stores in Tuckahoe - Aspire, Verano, Oh Sweet Day, Nicole Interior

Tuckahoe Winterfest – Sunday Evening ~ Tonianne Budica, Sandra Benedetto, Taihisha & Carmen Roman

Tuckahoe Winterfest - Sunday Afternoon - Teri Lamar

Tuckahoe Winterfest – Saturday – Shelia Galilei, Jackie DiMaggio, Asbury Dickens Singers & Peter Lawrence Trio

Tuckahoe Senior Center Holiday Party at the Davenport CC

Tuckahoe Senior Center Thanksgiving Luncheon with the THS Jazz Band

Tuckahoe Senior Center Bazaar

Tuckahoe Police Cadet Ceremony

The Hanamozuki Chorus – Senior Center Special Event

Tuckahoe Library Poetry Contest Awards

Tuckahoe Columbus Day/St. Pio Italian Music Festival - Sunday

Tuckahoe Columbus Day/St. Pio Celebration Saturday - Lisette Melendez, Safire, Rockell, Daniello "Dani" Dante, Alessandro Calemme, Angelo Coppola, Carozza Brothers

SNAP and ECAP Programs/Food Pantry Presentation

Home Care and Home Safety – Lawrence Hospital Presentation

Tony Terrell Trio - Calypso Entertaiment

Tuckahoe Challenge Road Races

Korean Cultural Day at the Tuckahoe Public Library

Tuckahoe Summertime Extravaganza with Gucci Fireworks

Tuckahoe Police Safe Riders Day - Bicycle Safety Event

The HOPI Foundations Owl and Panther Project - Marge Pellegrino

Village of Tuckahoe Arbor Day Tree Plantings

Walking With Evey - Tuckahoe Senior Center w/ Cottle School Students

Music From The Big Band Era - Vigil Scott & Dave Block – Senior Center Memorial Day Event

Crestwood Station Street Fair

Tuckahoe Police Awards Ceremony

Tuckahoe Police Annual Memorial Ceremony

Memorial Day Parade

Tuckahoe Senior Center 40th Anniversary Celebration

Tuckahoe Easter Egg Hunts

The Song Pipers - in Concert -- Salute to the Irish

Food & Nutrition Myths” with Stephanie Corona, Dietitian-Lawrence Hospital

Tuckahoe Library Resume & Cover Letter Workshop by Anne-Marie Ditta

Telephone Scams and Other Frauds - Tuckahoe Det. John Cuccinello

E.C.A.P. Fashion Show

E.C.A.P. - Celebrating Black History Month

E.C.A.P. Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Breakfast

Local WWII Veterans and More” with Michael Fix




New Years Eve in Tuckahoe -  amberRose Marie, T-Bone & Buffalo Stance 12/31/2009

New Year's Eve with Buffalo Stance

Victorian Singers and The Christmas Brass Performances

Tuckahoe Senior Citizens Holiday Luncheon

Crestwood Holidayfest  - Jackie DiMaggio

Tuckahoe Winterfest - Saturday<

Tuckahoe Seniors Rev. Sanders Thanksgiving Luncheon

Tuckahoe Senior Center Annual Bazaar

Spotlight on the Tuckahoe-Eastchester Lions Club - Guest Renee Levesque – Host Lion Frank Cuomo

The Women of WW II - Rosie the Riveter and Her Sisters with Trish Chambers

Food to Help Keep Joints Healthy - Jennifer Scully, Dietitian, Lawrence

A Tribute to Women in Jazz - The Mala Waldron Duo

Microwave Cooking with Sheila Marcotte at the Tuckahoe Senior Center

Strawberry Fields - The Ultimate Beatles Tribute Band - Performance

First Annual Tuckahoe Feast of St. Padre Pio Festival featuring Angelo Venute, Freddie Lando & Charlie P.,

Tuckahoe Summerfest Extravaganza / Fireworks with Paolo Siani & Jackie DiMaggio

Eagle Scout Court of Honor - Conor McNamara & Thomas McNamara

Tuckahoe Police Bike Safe Riders Day

Tuckahoe Police Safe Riders Day~ Kickball Game – Announcer John D’Arco

Tuckahoe Police Safe Riders Day~ Softball Game – Announcer John D’Arco 

Tuckahoe Senior Center presents: The Tappettes

Tuckahoe Library’s Children's Day Japanese Festival

“Working with our Wounded Troops” - Dr. Martin Stein, Jr.

Tuckahoe Celebrates Arbor Day

Tuckahoe Challenge Roadrace

Tuckahoe Library Poetry Awards

Tuckahoe Senior Center May 2009 Highlights - plantings/raffle/BBQ with Bobby Jones<

Memorial Day Parade in Tuckahoe

Arbor Day Celebration in Tuckahoe - 2009

Tuckahoe Easter Egg Hunt

Tuckahoe Senior Center Egg Coloring Event

Tuckahoe Memorial Day Parade – 2009

Tuckahoe Police Awards

Tuckahoe Police Memorial - 2009

18th Annual Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration

Tuckahoe Library’s~ Meet the Author Gloria Goldreich - "open doors"

Tuckahoe Library's- Poetry of Langston Huges

E.C.A.P. 's Believe Achieve Succeed

E.C.A.P. Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast





New Years Eve in Tuckahoe – 12/31/08 – T-Bone & Lucus Prata

Tuckahoe Police Night Out Against Crime

Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Rev. Sanders Thanksgiving Dinner for the Tuckahoe Seniors

2008 Columbus Day Festival ~ Stevie B., Lucus Prata, George Lamonde, Kim Sozzi

2008 Columbus Day Festival ~Freddie Lando

2008 Columbus Day Festival ~ Bianca Ryan

2008 Columbus Day KTU Show  - Kim Sozzi, Lucus Prata, George Lamonde & Stevie B

Tuckahoe Winterfest 2008 - Saturday – Tree Lighting plus performers: Danielle Esposito, Sandra Benedetto & Tamma Haskin, Eddie Hobenson,  & Tahisha Grant

Tuckahoe Winterfest 2008 ~ Sunday - Tiffany Giardina, Trebella, Aria, Tenor Chris Ingiao and Joe Venice with Michelle DeAngelis & Gina Noto

Tuckahoe Fireworks Spectacular with Patrice Indiviglio & Frankie Sands




Tuckahoe Day 2007

Tuckahoe Winterfest 2007 - Saturday - Sandra Benedetto, Dr. T & Rae, Falsetto & Joe Venice, THS Marching Band




Tuckahoe Centennial Celebration, Music and Fireworks

Tuckahoe Centennial Kickoff Party & Exhibit ~ Jan./Feb. 2002

Tuckahoe Centennial Historic Tour & Ward House Visit - May 18, 2002

Tuckahoe Centennial Kick-Off Interviews – 2002


Programs from of the Tuckahoe History Committee




Tuckahoe History Potpourri narrated by Ernest Zocchi

"Tuckahoe Now and Then" 1920's/1993

The Forgotten Quarries of Tuckahoe  (T.C.I. Cable production)

Eastchester Historical Society's Historic Secrets & Curiosities (2011)

Remembering Tuckahoe History with Alice & Philip White (2009)

The History Behind The Marble Schoolhouse with Sheila Marcotte (2008)

History Committee Open House and Presentations 2017

            Turn of the Century Tuckahoe Photos with Arlene Gruber

            Changes from the Great War - Presentation by Richard Forliano

On the Homefront,  World War I:  Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe, Crestwood, Mount Vernon & New Rochelle

History Committee Open House and Presentations 2016

            Turn-of-the Century Photographs with Nicholas M. Zanzano Jr.

            Tuckahoe Marble Presentation with Mayor Phil White

            Pre-Urban Renewal Photographs with Nicholas M. Zanzano Jr.  

Village of Tuckahoe 90th Anniversary Celebration at the Community Center - 1992

Tuckahoe Remembers: President Nixon’s Visit to Tuckahoe in 1972

Marble Hall Fire - 1992

Tuckahoe History Committee Open House 2015

The Hero Next Door

Tuckahoe Centennial Kickoff Party & Exhibit ~ Jan./Feb. 2002

A Piece of Tuckahoe History - The People

A Piece of Tuckahoe History - Parades

A Piece of Tuckahoe History - Fireman        

A Piece of Tuckahoe History – Sports

My Tuckahoe, My Tuckahoe – part 1

My Tuckahoe, My Tuckahoe – part 2

A Bit of Tuckahoe History hosted Tom Doherty – Vintage Films

Tuckahoe Celebrates the 1976 Bicentennial   + 1976 Fire Dept. Parade and Muster, Tuckahoe Road Race and Eastchester H.S. Reunion

Lyric Theatre, Tuckahoe, film of post WWII parade for returning Soldiers – circa 1946

1987 Eastchester Fire Dept. Parade and Inspection

1987 Memorial Day Parade & Memorial

“The Depot” – History of Tuckahoe’s Depot Square

1987 Eastchester Senior Men's Senior Softball Game of the Week

Christmas in Tuckahoe 1991

Tom Doherty's Panel Discussion with 5 former Tuckahoe Mayors - 1991 

"A View From Above" Tom Doherty with Captain Ed Bonci -circa 1992

Treasures of Tuckahoe with Alice and Phil White

Remembering Tuckahoe's Past Summer 1948

Tuckahoe Library’s Memoir Gathering 2013 - "Every life is worth telling"






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